Monday, October 1, 2012

For the Win

Bubble wrap.   Don't you just feel joyous already?   I ordered some bars of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap, and they came nestled inside bubble wrap.   Two of my favorite things in one box!

So while I was gathering a few odds and ends to throw in my reward drawer at school, I grabbed my new plastic stress reducer to take as well.   I'm cutting it down to 3 x 5ish pieces to make it last longer.

Today we battled our two sentence journals for the amazing reward of BUBBLE WRAP!   Yes!

Apparently there's an app for that, but you can also pop some virtual bubbles here.   Nothing beats the good old tactile experience of smooshing those little cells and irking someone else's nerves though, does it?

I haven't always had a reward drawer.   Kids loved it when I fished around in my old desk or the corner closet until I found something ridiculous and undesirable.   Ahhhh.    I remember when I found a lonely checker and the whole class broke a sweat trying to earn such a enviable trophy.

I don't give out prizes every day, but when I do, they're cheaper than cheap.

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