Monday, October 8, 2012

And you thought bubble wrap was cheap...

This idea is so simple.   I don't want to insult anyone by posting it, so if you're easily offended, look away now.

Ok.   Now.

Last chance.

Sometimes rewarding students by writing their names on the board works.   Now, I wouldn't do this for just anything.   When you recognize a kid for excelling, sometimes it can backfire.   Peers may resent the child as some 8th graders are wont to do.   You know what I am saying here.

I set quarterly reading goals for my kids, and when I get a pack of around 20 who hit the mark, then I start listing names.   There's safety in numbers.

Also, by 20 you usually pick up a handful of kids who are a surprise to others.   As in THAT KID is reading more diligently than I am?   Yep.   He sure is.   Get with the program.   You know that kids are constantly measuring themselves against their peers, so sometimes this list whips them in shape.   They also know that the goals can vary based on reading ability, but that the kid with the smallest goal sometimes works harder to get there.

Once the list goes up, we need to check our students daily to see if their names can be added.   It's good to build momentum with this type of reward.

You know that the list is titled "Ms. Davis's Favorite Readers."   But everyone has a good chance of making the cut with a little effort.

When it's towards the end of the 9 weeks, I may list the top 15 point earners and let my voracious readers try to claw their way to the top.   Those kids usually love close competition.

Best of all, it's FREE!

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