Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dry Erase Markers

You know what to do with dry erase markers, but I wanted to share a few ways I've found them to be helpful.  

If you have a window in your classroom door, it's a great place to leave a note if your class is being held in another location.   Are you in the library?   The computer lab?   Let your students and colleagues know.   As the library is in a classroom a couple of doors down and the computer lab is on a cart in my room, I haven't needed to use this idea this year.   That's perfect since I don't have a window in my door!

In my new classroom, I've been able to configure the furniture in a way that allows for groups on occasion.   I can write the students' names on the slick desktop, so they know where to sit.   By the end of class, most students have erased their names, and I can write the next set.   I have a cluster of six desks at the back of my room.   It's the perfect spot to differentiate for students in my inclusion class.   When six people have met their reading goals, I can provide time and space for them to play a quiet game of Bananagrams or Scrabble.  

If your desk allows for it, jotting a quick note on top saves paper and time.   Many of us write the note down, lose the note, find the note, lose it again and so on.   Okay, maybe I was just talking about myself.   (These reminders are best written with a fine tip marker.)

You could always write "Please send chocolate" backwards on a window that faces outside of your classroom and see what happens.