Wednesday, May 4, 2011

While You Were Out

Here's to the first responders with office supplies!   As soon as our community found out when and where students and teachers would spend the rest of our school year, boxes started magically appearing in the main office.   Every tool imaginable was there.   We had to make daily concerted efforts to "spend down" the treasures in that small space!

Hmmmm.   What to take?   What to take?   What's something that will have a difficult time moving out of here?   Ahhhh.   Tucked away behind the closet door was a stack of pink While You Were Out memo pads.   When our amazing secretaries take messages, they are logged in a spiral notebook with carbon copies, so I knew that they would not need them.  

We've done short bursts of diary writing, but I thought we could try mini-fiction this time.   Students opened up their creative minds and jotted down many truly ridiculous messages.   I gathered the messages up (the appropriate ones, anyway) and put them in a pony envelope for the teacher who is generously sharing his space with me as a classroom warming gift.

Zombies invaded. Sportscars were borrowed. Rock concerts surprised us. The apocalypse unfolded.  

A lot happened While You Were Out.

You may order your own While You Were Out megacube from Quill.

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