Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starting from Scratch

On the evening of Saturday, April 16, 2011, a tornado ripped through the middle school where I have been a teacher since 1999.   Although my classroom did not seem to suffer wind damage, the contents were unrecoverable.  
Just about 40ish feet through these doors is where we duck and cover during drills.

If you know teachers, you know that most of us like "stuff."   We save anything we think we'll have the slightest chance of needing later for a potential lesson, no matter how obscure the item.   With the exception of one possession, which I will reveal to you at a later time, bits and pieces of my classroom will most likely have a new life fertilizing soil somewhere...an idea that I quite like.

Do you want to hear the best news?   No one was in the school building at the time.

Do you want to hear the next-best news?   My amazing friends are helping me restock my classroom already!

In order to have a quick and easy way to maintain a shopping list for my classroom, I first thought of Amazon.   I would be able to keep track of my purchases and have receipts when any insurance money comes back to me.  

Because so many people have offered to help me out right now, I created a baby registry, so they could shop easily as well.   Yep, a baby registry.   And you have to name the father.   That's Mister Tornado to you.

So what's with the blog?   I thought that it might help me consider what really makes a difference for my students.   Am I replacing everything?   Nope.   I'm starting with my greatest hits, and adding some new teaching tools as well.

What's in it for you, Dear Reader?   If you're a parent, you may also find some tools to use at home.   If you are a book lover, you may enjoy it as well.   If you have ever had to start anything over from scratch, you may be my audience.   If you're a teacher, bless your heart.   Take some of my ideas that you like and make them your own.   And teachers, if I list an item that you also have success with using in your classroom, let's trade some tips!

If you just like "stuff," I'm your girl as well.   For fun, I will also post items that I do not have a need to replace now and then.

Item #1 that does NOT need replacing: Green, plastic triceratops pincher toy.   No, I never used this in class.  I bought it because it reminded me of a long-ago trip to Walt Disney World during which I spent the day goosing my good natured grandmother with a similar toy.   Is this a must-have item for you?   It's available at http://www.dinosaurcorporation.com/grabbers1.html

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  1. You are in my heart, my dear, as you rebuild your little corner of the world...Please know that I am here for you. I cannot wait to read more. :)