Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm not sure why I did it, but I'm glad I did.   A couple of weeks before the tornado showed up at school, I plugged in the USB flash drive that I keep on my key chain into the front of my teacher computer.   I've never done this before, but it seemed like a good idea.   Well, it was.  

I copied 11+ years of teacher-generated materials onto my little flash drive, and then I copied the same files to my home computer as well.   What's the + for?   A friend of mine used the same hard drive that I inherited, and she intentionally gifted me with all of her teacher-generated goodies.   So before I really get this blog off of the ground, it's only neighborly to pass this good idea on to you.  

The tech folks are doing their best to retrieve any usuable hard drives from our rooms, but it sure feels good to have all of those hours of work already at my fingertips.

For about 10 bucks, you can get your own jump drive at OfficeMax.   Ask about the Max Perks reward program for teachers when you get there.   https://www.officemaxperks.com/LearnMoreTeachers.aspx

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Item #2 that does NOT need to replacing: empty lp album cover for Prince's Purple Rain.   I know, I know, I know times are changing, but I love vinyl.   I used this item to demonstrate how to construct an album sleeve from posterboard for a soundtrack project.   All of students' written work fits inside the sleeve-- liner notes and lyrics.   Originally, I had it to show students what Gary Soto was talking about in "Broken Chain" when the main character wanted to look like Prince circa 1984.


  1. Oh I love this...(And we got to hear "Purple Rain" when we saw Darius Rucker..) And really, I miss vinyl. Tom and I lost about 75% of our belongings in the flood in Shockoe Bottom (thanks to Gaston). All of my childhood records (and some of my dad's!) were unsalvageable. Warped...UGH. SO. You are in my thoughts, love.

  2. I hope you kept the awesome purple record taht was in the sleeve. It's funny what you said about teachers keeping "stuff" because I remember this project and letting Ian use my empty "White Album" sleeve, which I could never allow myself to just ditch. :)