Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Follow Your Heart

For many of us the day after Labor Day marks the official beginning of our school year.  Maybe it's gonna take a lot of coffee to set your bones in motion.   Maybe it's music that powers you up.  If so, here's a beardless Steve Earle with an old favorite, "The Revolution Starts Now."

What kind of revolution will take place in your classroom this year?  You know that's where the magic happens, right?   Have we all done some time in a workplace where that which occurred beyond our little corners of the world was not so lovely for children, faculty or staff?  Perhaps.  But you can keep your classroom afloat in spite of it all.   You can.

Create a place where your soul is fed as well as the souls of the children in your care. Here's a snippet of Earle's lyrics to set the scene for you:

"Last night I had a dream 
That the world had turned around 
And all our hopes had come to be "

What do you and your students dream about and hope for?  It's worth setting aside time for them to write about their wishes, even if it's just an option for a freewrite journal.  (What's a freewrite? It's anything you want it to be, as long as it's school-appropriate. Still, some kids like a topic to fall back on, if they're experiencing writer's block.)

Good luck this year!  And if you're trying to pick a revolution to start, compassion is always a great cornerstone to any movement.

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