Friday, June 8, 2012


Sunflowers in Toano.

Yeehaw!   It's summer around these parts.   Are you tending a garden?   So far ours has been generous with dill, sage, basil and onions.   We also have a transplanted fig tree that's getting its bearings and some new potted lavender to cheer up the view from the back door.   The hydrangea and gardenia I planted a few years ago are finally looking like they're at home.   Forsythia is spreading like wildfire, and that pesky blackberry root living under the front porch that always finds a way back is sending forth new growth.   The tomato plants are releasing their unique hot, green, spicy scent and the pepper plants are trying to keep up.

Even if you're not digging in the dirt, Mr. Rogers will tell you that "it's good to grow things in the garden of your mind."   I know it's vacation time for many of you, but I'll bet you're already thinking about turning over some of last year's soil and improving the harvest for next season.   This song will make you feel good about all of that and about the joy of helping others grow ideas of their own.

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