Monday, May 21, 2012

Roasting Pan Poetry

Since we last spoke, most of my time has spent planning how to keep students busy during non-testing time before or after state tests.   This means three hour stretches with many students that I do not teach.   Thank goodness for the Jumble, Sudoku, Dover coloring books (4 for 3 on Amazon), crossword puzzles, Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, Find It, illustrated AR books, picture puzzles and Magnetic Poetry on my roasting pan.

I bought that speckled enamelware roasting pan at Macy's and got a screaming good deal...Martha Stewart on clearance.   When I got home, I noticed that it was chipped.   Back into my truck it went.   Thank goodness I never got around to returning it.   So many whiteboards are not magnetic these days.   Why not keep a roasting pan handy?   If kids create magnetic poetry on the insides of the roasting pan and the outside of the lid, you can tip the lid upside down to make it fit better into a bag for traveling to your next gig without losing a magnet.

Ridiculous?   Yes.   But when you're in a pinch, any option is a good one.

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