Friday, March 30, 2012

Status Update

Bids for Page's demolition were due on March 20th.   The areas with the heaviest tornado damage were already removed from the site.   Today some of the past and present faculty gathered to dig up some daffodil goodbye to the building.  
No news on when the rest of the walls will come tumbling down.

The best part of the afternoon was when the high school (we only have one, y'all) buses drove by with some of our former students, and we got to wave at some smiling faces.

Perhaps last year's 8th graders didn't get as much credit as they deserved.
We were all so busy filling out claim forms, sorting through boxes, telescoping lesson plans and keeping one anothers' heads on straight that I don't know if we were able to express how grateful we were to the kids and families who shifted around their schedules and came to school with joyful, resilient spirits.   People were so good to us, and our children were truly overwhelmed and touched by the generosity of our neighbors.   The students, staff and faculty of Peasley Middle School could not have been more gracious hosts.

Since I'm still feeling lucky that I wasn't in a dark hallway trying to keep 25 kids safe from the storm, I bought a few Mega Millions lottery tickets.

I know the odds, but somebody's got to win it, right?

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