Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's systematic.

Let it go.
This too shall pass.

Be kind to Virginia's 8th grade teachers as we wrap up our state writing assessments...
and switch gears to prepare for the reading assessments.

March feels like a pressure cooker sometimes.
Okay.  Every March since 2000 has felt like a pressure cooker to me.

Let it go.
This too shall pass.

I'm not saying that you should bring a lawn chair and a cold drink and set up spa camp in your classroom while your students do what students are wont to do when left unattended.
I'm just talking perspective here.

If you know that you are teaching the curriculum with a wee bit of passion,
your students will take the tests seriously.

Let your mind find ease in OK Go's elegant chain of events.
It's a smooth nod to Rube Goldberg.

Let it go.
This too shall pass.

If you want something a little quieter, check out this guy.   He can't go to sleep without his nightlight, but his folks insist that he turn the light out before he nods off.  
What's a pig to do?  
You'll marvel at his amazing contraption.   Some pig.

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