Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End of Year Found Poetry Kit

This is a simple student-made poetry kit.   You will need glue sticks, 3 x 5 note cards, envelopes and scissors.   Ask students to look through their collection of papers and choose an assignment or worksheet that they would not mind destroying.   (I think it's best that the assignment NOT be a math worksheet, but I'm sure some math geniuses see the poetry in numbers.)

Students will cut out 25-30 words.   They will put the words and the note card in the envelope.   Then, they will trade envelopes with someone who is also ready his/her kit.   The writer will create a poem using some/all of the words in their classmate's kit.   Children glue the words to the note card.   Voila.   Done.

This activity can be done using magazines and newspapers as source material, but this version is cheaper.   I also like helping students find ways to entertain themselves with what they already have.

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