Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gotta Go Back in Time

Poetry Month has arrived again. 
My poster came in the mail today. Thanks, Penguin.

This year I asked my friends and colleagues 
to consider this question:

I know what Ponyboy Curtis would choose. 

So far, I have posted the following answers in our hallway:

"The Bagel" from Grace

"And Your Soul Shall Dance" from Susan

"The Girl Who Loved the Sky" from Susan

"The Swing" from Julie & "No Man is an Island" from Michele

Beth and I both like "Forever Young." It was on the first final exam I ever gave.

"You've Got A Friend" from Trish; "I Can See Clearly Now" from Jeff.
"Child of the Wild Blue Yonder" from Jennifer' "You Can Do Magic" from Heather.
"Phenomenal Woman" from Kate; "Alone" from Anne.

Everyone wants to to enjoy 24 hours of "Happy."
"Daffodils" from Susan; "To Live is to Fly" from Rob.

"It Don't Come Easy" from Donna; "Just A Girl" from Lori.

"One of These Things First" from Chris; "Eyes of the World" from Beth.

"The Road Not Taken" from Ruth, Alice & Laura.

"You Can't Hurry Love" from Joyce.

"Wasted on the Way" from Nat

We still have room for you!
If you would like to replicate this display, all you need are manilla folders, a glue stick, a stapler, scrapbook paper, multicolor printer paper, scissors, a photocopier, a printer and a few pals.
You can make QR codes here.
The ones I used here connect to performances of the songs on YouTube.
We have compiled a Spotify playlist for you to listen to here.

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