Monday, March 10, 2014

YOU get a car!

As you already know, Ollie's is a great place to buy discounted books. 
You can find your nearest location here.

The last time I was cruising through, I found one lonely Hot Wheels car from the 1940s. I walked by it the first time, but I backtracked once I decided that I really did need that $1.99 toy.

We're wrapping up The Diary of Anne Frank in my advanced language arts classes. Each child is completing a reading guide in order to get the big picture of Anne's diary without reading the entire work. As an incentive, I offered this brand new car to the first child to pass the optional open book Accelerated Reader test on the entire diary.

Here's LG with her sparkling new ride!

If you want to see my collection of online resources related to this unit of study, 
including the reading guide, click here. 

Borrow away!

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