Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Vacation Craft: Magnets

Happy summer vacation!  Isn't it relaxing?  Now you have all of this "free" time to notice the way you left your home fall apart during the school year!

I'll bet you can't sit still too long before cleaning the kitchen...again.  Funny how that place never seems to stay straight for long.  Are you wiping down the fridge, the handles, the switch plates, the cabinets and those hard to reach places?

There was some bit of news going around that the number of magnets on your refrigerator is usually indicative of the clutter in your home.  Discuss.

Okay.  Stop.  We're making these magnets for your classroom anyway.

You will need a tube of Liquid Nails, naked magnets, some spare wooden chopsticks and stuff.  By "stuff" I mean the kind of thingamadoodles that you can affix a magnet to.

Thanks to a friend who happened upon an artist's hoard of supplies, I am the proud owner of a mountain of mahjong tiles.  There were a few dominoes thrown in.  AND I found some of those cute wooden alphabet blocks all bagged up at a thrift store.

BEFORE YOU START...Read the instructions on Liquid Nails.   This is for adults. 

Also, I like to have all of my ducks in a row before I open the tube of glue.  Once the goop is flowing, I would prefer to get it all done in one clip.  So spread out your thingamadoodles and unstick your naked magnets.  (These craft store magnets can stick to one another pretty fiercely.)

The chopsticks are to help you mush the glue into the desired location.

I don't know about you, but I can never seem to have enough magnets in my classroom.  If you are not a teacher person and are looking for an inexpensive gift for teachers, I'm sure your homemade crafts would be appreciated.

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