Friday, November 9, 2012

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

You made it to Friday!    How about an 8 minute film that will make you feel even better?   You know the parts of you that wake up when you even think about going to Disney World?   This short will speak to the stirring child in you.   

It's a film without words, so my teacher friends all over the world should be able to enjoy it with their students as well.   Perhaps you are old enough to remember how exciting it was when a neighbor put an empty, gargantuan cardboard box on the curb.   The possibilities were endless, and usually included awkward attempts at breakdancing, if you are my age.

You may watch the film by clicking on the link below.

I use the film as a preface to a writing prompt.

Think back to your elementary school days.   
Did your imagination comfort you?   Entertain you?    Frighten you?   
Write about a time that your imagination left you content, happy or scared.
Use action, dialogue, reaction or sensory imagery in your narrative lead.

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